The best software for photo editing

Luminar Masterclass



Course Overview

In this masterclass I will demonstrate why I think Luminar is one of the best pieces of software for photo editing on the market. It is a great raw developer, but also has many effects that would be hard to make even if you are a photoshop expert. Let me take you through the magic of all these filters and this very effective workflow.




2 Hours 10 Minutes


Beginner to Intermediate



Lessons: Part 1

The Basics

In this video we will explore how the software works and do basic retouching of a photo of Notre Dame in Paris


Let's develop a wedding photo while being more careful to respect skin tones

New York New York

A dramatic Night city retouch, we are going to play with the contrast of glow and details

Cinque Terre

I will show you the different types of glow that really work well on water


I will show you more filters and how to add clouds using blending modes

Lessons: Part 2


How to get these Golden hour warm colors back!


How to work with Lightroom and how to add even more sunrays!

Duomo Florence

Let's explore more filters on this zoom version of the Duomo

El Matador

Let's see how to work with Photoshop and how to make a dramatic sunset


We are going to do some extensive removal of elements and make a photo that was supposed to be a failure into my most liked photo ever on Social Media!

The best software for photo editing

Luminar Masterclass




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