Learning from a True Master

Art of Black & White: Yesterday & Today



Course Overview

In this course I cover the ways of the master, Ansel Adams (1902), and his methodology from the past in creating gorgeous black & white photos. I then teach you how to applythose same techniques with our modern tools and software; Lightroom 5.




2 Hours 5 Minutes


Beginner to Intermediate


Photoshop CC

Ansel Adams Zone System

Traditional Dodge and Burning

Starting the Retouch

Zone Retouching

Zone Retouching

Zone Retouching

Global Corrections

Adding Contrast


Ansel Adams

In this first video we are going to have an overview on Ansell Adams work flow and how they used to develop and work black and white photos. I will try to explain his zone system with simple concepts. Understanding the past will help us see how to apply this in today’s tool like Lightroom.

Preparing Negatives

In the second video we will start preparing the global development of the photo, and it’s basic balck and white conversion.

Dodge & Burn Intro

We are going to see the concept of dodge and burn, where does this techniques comes from and how to replicate these treatments using brushes in Lightroom.

Dodging & Burning pt. 1

In this video we are going to keep on doing the dodge and burn starting with the closest to the camera elements.

Dodging & Burning pt. 2

In this video we are going to continue with dodge and burning elements going further and further in the photo.

Dodging & Burning pt. 3

In this video we are going to finish the dodge and burn of the elements which are the further away from us giving depth to the photo.

Dodging & Burning pt. 4

Now we are going to retouch the sky and see how to bring drama to the clouds.

Sky & Completion

Here comes the final touch’s to complete this image of the Alpes, an homage to Ansell Adams


In this final video we are going to do a full retouch from start to finish of this photo in Venice Italy.


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