Everything you need to know to use Aurora

Aurora HDR Masterclass






1 Hour 45 Minutes




Aurora HDR

Lessons: Part 1

Intro Provence

Let's start with a simple projects and see the basic function of the software with an amazing photo from the Provence South of France

Cinque Terre

Let's start reotuching a sunsrise with Cinque terre using again manual settings

Cinque Terre Presets

Let me introduce you to Presets and how they can speed up your retouching

Paris By night

One more example of how to use presets to speed up your workflow

Paris Sunset

One of my favorite HDR of all times in Paris. I will also show you how to go from Aurora to Photoshop if needed

Queens Town NZ Ghost Reduction

In this video we will see how useful Ghost reduction is

Lessons: Part 2


I won first place with this photo a few weeks ago I will show you how I replaced the sky of that photo within Aurora


Another crazy sunset in the north of France, we will see some smaller options we have not looked at yet

La defense

For this last project, I want to show you how to create an HDR with a single raw file and how to solve distortion

Bonus Lightroom and Photoshop

How to work with Lightroom and Photoshop and then using Aurora

Bonus Bracketting

I want to show you how to do bracketing with a Sony A7r 3 and a Canon 7D 


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