Mar 28, 2020
Here is the winner of the long exposure competition I launched in my last video:
Krystian Mietz check out his instagram account: @krystian_photographie, his website https://krystianphoto.com/ and portfolio on 500px: https://500px.com/krystian15
I did a little interview for you so you can get to know him better! 
Here it is:
When did you start photography? 
I started photography only three years ago
I am a very curious person, passionate about painting and drawing so it has been really natural for me to turn to photography 
What got you started? 
What got me started was following one of my friends advice… he really draw my attention and gave me my first photography basics lessons. He was also the person who sold me my first Bridge camera (for the anecdote I shared the costs with my wife). From then, I invested in more performing material and above all, I followed and put into practice Serge Ramelli tutorials
What would you like to achieve in photography? 
I would like to go as far as possible in photography…Being published into magazines, editing books, selling pictures in galleries, specialising into interior design photos...but above all I would love to make a living from my passion.
What is your favorite part in photography? 
What I love about photography is getting my material ready, leaving with my backpack on and traveling and wandering into cities or discovering nature, finding THE spot to make the most of it and above all, highlighting its magic and beauty.
Thank you Krystian! 

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