Visiting South Africa Day one Lions and Rhinos !

Jan 11, 2019


It has always been an old dream on mine to visit Africa and to do a Safari.


I went with a whole bunch of friends in South Africa. We landed in Johannesburg. 


The first thing that we did is to visit a private reserve where we could see in the wild Rhinos and Lions, also the Lions are kept in a more private facility.

I like the visit of the park, the fact that the Lions are kept in a pretty closed environment a lot less, but got some cool shots


That's out car going through the reserve


We then stopped to play with Cheetas and Small Lions



These two were too cute





Beautiful Cheetas


Then we looked for Rhinos and found some! !



Then there was lots of Lions in cage and I got some good shot, but I struggle to get the shots due to the grid so I got very close and focus far and managed to shoot thru the grid 


The grid is a problem!


That's the shot I got getting putting my lens against the gird and focusing far





Zebras on the way out!



More to come tomorrow










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