Visiting South Africa Day Two Blue Train Safari !

Jan 12, 2019


The blue train is an amazing train like the Orient Express. Luxury Train, not cheap,  but hey I don't go to Africa every day and I wanted to really do it.


That's the observation Desk where I spent most of my times trying to shoot photos from the outside, but to be honest, did not get amazing shots, but it is beautiful to see. The first time we saw an Elephant in the wild as were passing by along the Kruger Park everyone screamed!


This is the other side view of the Observation Desk.

After a beautiful dinner and a full night of travel (where I did not get much sleep - train moving is not for me) we arrived ready for our Safari as we were going into the park we stopped to get a shot of this beautiful giraffe. I was so happy I could get it one in the wild and not hidden by other trees!

The first thing we did then was to meet some elephants and I must say I got really emotional I was so blown away to see elephants in the wild, some staff helped us to  feed them.


Here are some of the reserve staff gathering the elephants



Me very 'bravely' feeding the elephants


 They walked away and I got his shot 



And then by some photoshop magic, the photo became this (don't tell anyone)


Later on, they went to drink some waters and I got some exciting shots

I was happy to get him with his ears wide open!

Later on we did a tour first in a reserve to see some vultures, they feed them with bones it was crazy and smelly also

The reserve also had some Rhino and Lions behind cage, I took photos but I never proud of them as I only like to shoot them in the wild


Then we went out for an hour looking for animals in the wild and saw two lions taking a nap !


 A miracle happen both Lions went close to our Car and I got a very close up shot in the wild, this made my day



More to come...

















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