Winner competition!

Apr 20, 2020
Here is the winner of my last competition! This is Ahmad a great photographer here is his instagram: 
Learn more about Ahmad here:
I’ve started photography not long ago..  In fact that was in early 2017
I’ve always loved cameras and the concept of photography itself, which makes you able to capture a scene, a moment or an emotion to freeze it forever.
I’ve always been fascinated with that well made piece of plastic with all its technology. I used to borrow a camera to shoot a trip with my parents 20 years ago, or borrow a camera from where I work to shoot my daughter after I got married.
And suddenly I decided to have my own. It was too late to get a camera but since then I tried to make the most out of it and put all my photography passion in to practice. I owe my studies in Graphics a lot because it helped me how to understand some of the photography rules regarding composition for example.
Everyday I learn something new, and try to use different ways or techniques. I figured out that composition and lighting are the most important elements in photography. Each one of them completes the other. The composition might be good, but bad lighting or harsh sunlight for example can ruin the whole thing. So what I’m trying to achieve is to have them both in every shot of mine.
I am also trying to achieve a personal touch in my images. For example, when I see one of Serge’s images,  I know it’s his without checking the signature. That’s  because he developed his own touch along the years.
So a personal touch is my goal and I claim I started to have that one. I’m also trying to market my work, and get my images noticed. I believe this is how every photographer started and what every photographer should do.
My favorite part in photography is landscape and architecture. Each place tells a story, each building has a spirit within its walls. If you think about it; it’s challenging to capture this spirit of a building and translate it to a photo.
It’s also challenging to capture a beautiful landscape scene and add your personal touch through different techniques, it could be long exposure or Black & White. I always need something new in the image, otherwise it’s useless to show you what you already can see with your bare eyes without the need of a camera. So when you see a particular, usual thing in an unusual way, only then you can say “That’s a successful shot!", and that’s what I’m after when I take photos.

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