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Valensole, South of France

Sep 09, 2020

As you can see I love lavender, I missed so many times to get the shots with perfect lavender that I went all in! Have you ever captured nice lavender fields?

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South of France, lavender

Sep 05, 2020

Here is another shot I took in the south of France, colors in nature always impress me, I love that I can develop my photos in Lightroom and give the photo justice and create that same emotion I...

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Montmartre, Paris

Jul 24, 2020

This is still one of my favorite photo of all times, I just love the view with the sunset it really capture the feeling of Montmartre with the stairs and the light pole ;-) What do you like about...

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LA, Beverly Hills

Jun 28, 2020

This is typically the view of LA, the sun, wide roads, palm trees, nice car :-) I love it so much I thought of using this picture for my fine art book! Do you like this view?

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