Create volumentric light

Dragon Tamer Photo Composite



Course Overview

In our next course from Creative Director and Photoshop Guru Rikard Rodin you will create a stunning fantasy scene of a woman taming a dragon. In addition to covering photoshop compositing basics—shortcuts, selection, masking, transform—there are unique techniques here for creating volumentric light, dust and texture and color grading with gradient maps.




1 Hour 46 Minutes


Beginner to Intermediate


Photoshop CC


Getting Started

Learn the most used shortcuts in Photoshop—and the shortcuts that will drastically speed up your photoshop compositing.

The Dragon

A short introduction to 3D compositing—learn how to use the most common 3D render outputs to composite an image.

The Tamer

Here we cover selection and cutouts using paths, along with the Seleciton & Mask tool.

The Cave

Learn different methods of selection and masking as we put together the background of the scene.

Integration & Lighting

Learn how to simulate lighting with gradients and blending modes.

Texture & Grunge

Here you'll learn about blending modes and how to add realism and "levels of detail" to an image with grunge and texture

Color Grading

Learn the basics of color grading with gradient maps, color balance and curves.

Final Touches

Learn both the destructive and non-destructive method to add sharpness and consistent film grain to your final image.


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