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DSLR Video: Camera Angles



Course Overview

Many people with DSLRs feel that if they just knew a bit more about cinematography that they could do better videos but either have a rough time reading cinematography books or don’t have the time to attend professional classes.




1 Hour 7 Minutes





Lessons: Part 1

Course Intro

Lets go over a few basics of cinemetography, and quickly run through what sets good shots apart from amateur ones as well as what we are going to learn.

Suggested Reference Materials

A few quick tips for getting great results and becoming professional in filming and cinematography

The 3 Types of Camera Angles

What is the objective camera angle? What is the subjective camera angle? What is the Point of View angle? When are these types of angles used?

A Quick Comment on Lenses

Basics of lenses and what the terms mean and why you need to know them.

The Three Factors That Determine Camera Angle

What is subject size and how do you control it? What is subject angle and why is it so important? How does camera height influence audience reaction? How do these three factors determine camera angle?

Lessons - Part 2

The Five Basic Shot Types

Learn the five essential shot types. See how changing subject size influences shot type. Get familiar with when each of these shot types is appropriate to use

What are the Descriptive Shot Types

Learn almost 20 professional shot classifications and how they are referred to. See how motion can be utilized to create more complex shot compositions

The Importance of Subject Angle

Learn how to choose the best angle for a human subject. Find out the best angles for shooting scenes with architectural elements. The importance of finding the best angle to increase depth and enhance the three dimensional aspect of any scene you shoot.

Camera Height

Learn what level angle, low angle and high angle are. Choosing the best height for your subject. Learn when you should use high angle or low angle shots.

Learning to Use Camera Angles

4 factors to consider when selecting camera angles. Some simple practice exercises to learn how to use camera angles effectively in your own work


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