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Lightroom 5: Import, Organize & Export



Course Overview

In today's digital age photographers take thousands of photos. Lightroom 5 will help you import them in a catalogue, organize them by collections, and export them as you need. You can find any photo within seconds out of hundreds of thousands!




1 Hour 30 Minutes




Lightroom 5

Lessons: Part 1

Importing from a Memory Card

How to import your photos from a memory card

Importing from a Hard Drive

How to import photos already on your HDD

Importing from an External Drive

How to import photos from a memory card to an external drive

Moving Folders & Locations

How to move folders and photos in Lightroom, and how to correct things if Lightroom doesn’t find some folders or photos

Importing Videos

How to import videos and how to extract one photo

Visualizing Photos

What are the most ways I use to visualize photos


How to sort your photos using stars, colors and flags

Lessons: Part 2

Spray Tool

The spray tool, you can spray keywords and colors!

JPG vs Raw

What is the difference between Jpg and Raw files

Understanding Collections

Collections, what are they, how to create and use them

Grouping Photos

Use the stuck options to group photos together

Exporting Photos

How to export your photos out of Lightroom


How to watermark your photos

Updating Devices

How to update your photos on your Iphone or Ipad with Lightroom

Lessons: Part 3

Emailing from Lightroom

How to email a photo directly from Lightroom

Using Keywords

How to keywords your photos

Backing Up Photos

I show you my way how I back up my photos in full automatic way, safe for lazy people!

Exporting / Importing / Backup

How to export, import and backup your catalog

Searching Photos

How to search your photos


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