Location Mapping, Book Creation & Printing, Made Easy

Lightroom 5: Map, Book & Print



Course Overview

Find out how to put GPS data on your photos and search them by location. Discover, in a few clicks, how to create a very professional book and how to print it from Lightroom 5.




1 Hour 11 Minutes




Lightroom 5

Lessons: Part 1

Map Module

The Map module, what it does and how it can be used

Book Module - Layout

How to create a cover and lay out your pages

Book Module - Text Tools

Learning how to use the text tools

Book Module - Auto Layout

Making a book the easy way with auto layout

Print Module - Basics

Printing a simple image

Lessons: Part 2

Print Module - Margins

Printing a simple image with no margin

Print Module - Part 1

The Picture Package, printing the same photo at different size on the same sheet

Print Module - Part 2

The custom package, how to print different photos on the same paper and how to print into a file

Print Module - Part 3

How to prepare your files to have the best result on the web

Color & Printing

Color management and how to get good prints 


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