Enter the World of Fantasy

Photoshop: Fantasy Compositing



Course Overview

This project-based course teaches you the techniques for masking, compositing, lighting effects, color balance and adding texture and grunge to an image. It includes 45 minutes of walking you through the steps to put together a fantasy composite image of a fairy (including all of the source files to go along with this tutorial).

Fantasy Composite

Creating Selections

Inverting Selections

Replace Colors

Generating Lighting

Adding Texture




48 Minutes




Photoshop CC



A brief overview of what this course covers and each of the steps we are going to learn

Cutting out the Subject

A few basics of photo compositing. Creating a mask using the pen tool. Cutting out a subject from a noisy background

Adding a Background

Basics of photo compositing. Using blending modes to make elements look like they belong. Creating fake shallow depth of field

Changing the Costume

Using the Replace Color tool. Using the patch tool. Using a combination of color blending mode and curves to change the color of an object

Adding the Wings

Using alpha channel layers to create masks and selections. Using blending modes and layers to integrate an object into your scene

Overall Integration

Using the “Lighting Effects” filter. Using the Soft Light blending mode. Adding more dramatic lighting to your existing scene/photographs. Using color balance to create overall integration to your composite

Adding Grunge

Creating consistent “film grain” on a composite image. Quickly adding “grunge” and texture to your photo composite with blending modes. Creating an “old photo” frame to your image

Adding a Title

Using the type tool. Creating a “grunge mask” for your title. Using blending modes on your typography


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