Sky Replacement Training

I have spent the last 4 years curating my best sky photos. All photos were taken with 40MP resolution cameras and are the highest quality you will find anywhere. This offer includes 14 training videos, along with all the source files referenced in the training videos so you can follow along.




Over 2 Hours




Lightroom & Photoshop


Install Sky in Photoshop and Bridge

If you are a creative cloud member there is a super easy way to have access to your sky

Install Sky in Lightroom

It is important to have the sky well installed in your Lightroom and in collections

How to use Photoshop elements

This is a good alternative to Lightroom and Photoshop, elements can do a lot

Notre Dame Golden Hour

Let's do our first project a beautiful Photo of Notre Dame in Paris 

New York Sunset

A nice photo of the Empire state building, I show you also how I can quickly get a feel if a sky will work

Day Light

We are going to take a very boring photo and make it dramatic in color and black and white

Going from Dreary to Dramatic with Sky Replacements

Sky Replacement Pro




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