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Course Overview

This is course if for anyone that has a phone and wants to take better photos. I had this idea of the course when I was talking to a friend and she was complaining that she couldn't take any good photos, that she was not a good photographer and that anyways phones don't take good photos. I then showed her my phone photos and she couldn't believe it, she thought that these were taken with a pro camera.

So I decided to show you how we can use the camera that we have on us at all times to take better photos. If you ever wanted to take your photos to the next level and you have a phone on you this course is for you!

We are going to tackle composing, exposure techniques, also some really cool ways to take photos and off course very easy retouching techniques. If you do buy and do this course send your best photos to [email protected] and hashtag them #photosergephone on instagram so I can see them!




1 Hour 34 Minutes




Lightroom Mobile, Snapseed, Slow Shutter App, Camera FV-5

Lessons: Part 1


In this video I explain the key features we are going to cover in this course

Strong message

Composing your photos to communicate a clear message


Phones have a much lower dynamic range and it is important to expose for the highlights, I show you a lot of examples on this. (Camera+ app is used at 1 min 45 sec into the video.)

Long exposure with a phone!

It is possible using a special app and a tripod to do long exposure with a phone!

Slow shutter app configuration

A couple of tricks to keep in mind when you use the slow shutter app

Flowers with nice blurry background

In this video I show you a trick to use a blurry background to take stunning flower photos. All the backgrounds are available for download as part of this course

Shooting a portrait

I’m doing a lifestyle shoot with a Hollywood actress with a phone

Snapseed a first look

Snapseed is in my eyes the best app to retouch photos, it is powerful and simple to use, here is a good introduction of the software and it’s free, thanks to Google.

Lessons: Part 2

Retouching long exposure with Snapseed

Another a to z retouching tutorial of a long exposure

Retouching long exposure Snapseed 2

Another a to z retouching tutorial of a long exposure, this time a darker photo

Portrait retouchin

Let’s retouch the Hollywood actress with a full body shot

Portrait face retouching

Let’s retouch the Hollywood actress to create a better photo

Portrait retouching of Duncan

This time we retouch our friend Duncan with a lifestyle shoot at the Griffith Park in Los Angeles, with the sun in the shot

Portrait retouching of Duncan 2

Another retouch of our friend Duncan with a lifestyle shoot at the Griffith Park in Los Angeles

Lightroom Mobile

If you are a creative cloud member you get Lightroom Mobile for free, here is a demonstration to do a dramatic black and white


Snapseed was originally developped for IOS (there is also an Android version), but let's look at another cool app to take long exposure in the world of Android


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