Get the best out of your Sony A6500

Sony A6500 Quickstart



Course Overview

This course will teach you how to get the best out of your Sony A6500 (and all other Sony E mount cameras). Serge & Duncan will show you how to master this camera to take amazing photos like a pro ! We will also show you how to use its autofocus system with the face detection and eye detection. We will also show you how Duncan sets up his Sony cameras to make amazing cinematic videos (Like 4k and slow motion)




40 Minutes


Beginner to Intermediate


No Software Required

Lessons: Part 1

Introduction to the A6500 quick setup guide

This an overview of what this Sony A6500 course has in it.

Quick overview of the Sony A6500

This lesson goes over the main features of the Sony A6500.

Important basic settings setup

I will go over all the basic settings that you need to change before starting to shoot with your A6500. (saving battery life and choosing the right autofocus speed)

How to customize the FN menu (the function menu)

The FN menu button (Function menu button) is in my eyes the most important menu and you need to choose the right functions for your needs. So I will show you how to customize it.

How to customize the custom key shoots (C1-C2-C3)

I will go over how to customize those three ā€œCā€ (Custom) buttons which make life a lot easier when you can customize your camera for different type of situations. Being able to customize your camera settings for different types of situations will make your life easier and operating your camera a lot faster in capturing the right moment.

Lessons: Part 2

Studio (Flash) quick start

It can be tricky to shoot in a studio setup with a mirrorless camera like the A6500 because of its EVF (electronic viewfinder) so I will show you how to set it up properly for a studio setup using flashes.

Outdoor portrait (Face and eye detection)

One of the key feature in the Sony cameras is the FACE and EYE detection. And they work great! So Serge will go over how to setup your Sony to get sharp portrait images.

Quick landscape setup

Serge will show you how to setup your Sony A6500 to create stunning landscape images and also how to create HDR images with your Sony camera like a pro.

My video setup (AF area and focus modes)

The A6500 is a fantastic video camera with a great 4k video mode, slow motion 120fps, with face detection during recording and tons of other amazing settings. I will go over every video settings with you to get the best out of your Sony camera and help you capture amazing footage.

Auto focus modes quick setup

There are 5 focus modes with this camera and I will show you what each does and when to use them.

Auto focus area quick setup

The A6500 has many (too many) focus areas so I will show you what each focus area does to help you choose the right one for different situations.

Get the best out of your Sony A6500

Sony A6500 Quickstart




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